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Monsanto, the makers of PCB's, ROUND UP, DIOXIN & AGENT ORANGE, and who have shown they hate farmers who don't use their products, have just won a landmark case against an organic farmer which sets a precedent leaving no legal protections in place for organic farmers whose crops are contaminated with GM seeds. This puts many farmers at risk whose properties border other farms growing GM crops.
We have sourced both DIRECT FROM GROWER; Black Angus and Wagu 100% true free range, pasture-fed, organically farmed BEEF for our members...
We took our first delivery of Dawson Valley free-range pork this week and lots of it was snapped up.
Folks there is nothing that can deliver authentic fresh quality organic and all-natural than going direct to farm.

What's NEW and what's COMING - Pork, Lamb, Beef, Turkey

Monday, 27 January 2014

We will never waiver from our mission to connect direct to the source for our products. It is our driving passion and is true for most of our offering i.e we drive to our farmers and pick up produce FRESH and DIRECT. We bring it back and have it available for our MEMBERS literally the same day. A small amount of our offering we source from a co-op style distributor point. In some cases our farmers deliver direct to us e.g. Cleaopatra's Bath Milk, Marlee-May Goat Milk, Queensland Yoghurt and others. We are building our range and working hard to establish more authentic DIRECT relationships with farmers, producers and cottage manufacturers. It is no easy feat because it simply requires more effort than going to a distributor. Going direct means you have to organise your own distribution systems. But we believe in controlling our own supply chain>

The reason why we are bent on controlling our supply chain (over time) is because it is the only way to deliver AUTHENTIC fresh organics and pricing that is as low as possible. Many members tell us we offer the best value and quality. We can only do this because we go DIRECT.

Dawson valley free range pigs on farm1Finally, we have some TRUE FREE RANGE and NITRATE FREE bacon FRESH. We are now sourcing direct from Dawson Valley free range. This range will grow over the next couple of weeks and we appreciate if you indicate either wish-list or pre-order as we buy half and whole pigs and have them packaged for us. The pricing will be best around for you and we are anticipating, just like our first lots of Bacon, to sell out quickly!

We are offering GreenAG Organic Free RangeTurkey meat range including Turkeys, Turkey Bacon, Turkey cuts.

Lamb and Beef will be following on in about 2 more weeks also! This will all be FRESH product!Green AG Turkey pieces

If you want bulk, we will take care of that for you too. 

If you are not a member then register here - it's FREE and first two orders are delivered free PLUS 1 x kg raw honey or 1 x dozen true free range pastured chook eggs from Walker's Farm

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if you want to stay up-to-date and help us on our mission to control our supply chains so you as a member can benefit with more AUTHENTIC fresh-from-farm, organic, ALL-NATURAL AND cottage-produced choices at the best value! 


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