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The reasons why the latest research supports that juicing is overratted?

Nourishing Our Children is a non-profit, educational initiative of the Weston A. Price Foundation established to address the dramatic deterioration in the health of our children. Sandra Perez has summarized the latest research on juicing.

Among some of the main points are that:

  • Juice is not a whole food and fruit comes in whole form for a range of reasons
  • Juice removes the important component of fibre and polyphenols which act as anti-oxidants and which are neccessary for good gut bacteria
  • Juicing fruit contains as much as 4 or 5 times more fructose sugar than eating one serving of a piece of fruit. The sugars are meant to be within the cells of the fruit and break down more slowing through natural digestion. Fruit should be eaten more sparingly with emphasis on vegetables.
  • Many vegetables are difficult and even harmful to digest in their raw state (especially high oxalate and goitragens in vegetables such as brocoli, spinach and green leafy vegetables) because they contain toxins that interfere with thyroid function and digestion and can be very harmful to health
  • Many of the vitamins and micronutrients in food are fat-soluble, which means they cannot be absorbed without the presence of adequate fat. That means that if you eat fruits or vegetables without fat, you’ll absorb only a fraction of the nutrients you would absorb if you ate them with fat.
  • “Digestion begins in the mouth when food is mixed with saliva, and some say it starts just from smelling/seeing food. Chewing cues stomach acid production and peristalsis. When someone is only having liquid food they may not send the right signals downstream to start digestion off right. If stomach acid is not released in sufficient amounts food will not get broken down and nutrients won’t be absorbed.”
  • There’s really no strong scientific evidence to support the idea that extracted juices are somehow better for you than eating the whole vegetable itself.
  • kidneys, skin, and urinary system already cleanse our bodies; long-term juicing, is extreme and dangerous, and leads to bad eating habits.“The best way to stay cleansed is to consistently eat organic greens and lots of other veggies, and carefully portioned organic fruit and healthy fats”
  • The softening and loss of tooth enamel caused by the acid in soft drinks leads to decay, fillings and crumbling molars. Frighteningly, Juice from fruits has a high acid content and can damage the enamel of your teeth in exactly the same way that a fizzy drink does.

This is a researched based article worth reading through and taking notice of. Here is the link to the full article.

Source:https://nourishingourchildren.org/2016/01/09/10-reasons-we-dont-recommend-juicing/?fbclid=IwAR0QeUtd1lxWAGmjZhGvwP9A1mRVP5uz21XcWLOXOVRiaHk3QS_NKl-4tmA ,sourced 11.11.2018

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