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Can water be organic?

Water in bottles

Danger terms: 'freshly baked', 'free range', 'organic' are terms the ACCC is cracking down on. And rightly so! 

I would add the terms 'all-natural' and 'good for you' too as very potentially spurious terms . 

How many brands in Australia are there of bottled water? 7 of them have had to change their labelling, and one was closed down. Why? Because water cannot be organic! 

The problem is when you add these type of terms, or 'credence claims' as they are technically named, consumers will be influenced to choose them and in many cases pay more. 

"...it would be a brave or naive business that proceeds with branding, packaging or promotional activities without giving sufficient consideration to whether they are making misleading claims,” says Sally Scott from Halls & Willcox. Because the issue is in the interpretation of what is claimed. 

Source: Yolanra Redrup.

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