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Monsanto, the makers of PCB's, ROUND UP, DIOXIN & AGENT ORANGE, and who have shown they hate farmers who don't use their products, have just won a landmark case against an organic farmer which sets a precedent leaving no legal protections in place for organic farmers whose crops are contaminated with GM seeds. This puts many farmers at risk whose properties border other farms growing GM crops.
We have sourced both DIRECT FROM GROWER; Black Angus and Wagu 100% true free range, pasture-fed, organically farmed BEEF for our members...
We took our first delivery of Dawson Valley free-range pork this week and lots of it was snapped up.
Folks there is nothing that can deliver authentic fresh quality organic and all-natural than going direct to farm.


Mar 2015

Received my first order tonight and the quality of the food was great. Very happy.

Angela Gardner

Jun 2014

All the food we have had from you so far has been fantastic! Thanks so much. We have used a few different organic suppliers in the past, but your produce is by far the freshest and the best.


Apr 2014

Hi Terry, our order arrived safely last night thanks - and just want to let you know that I have been very impressed with the quality and value of the produce.

Marisa Strazzari

Mar 2014

Hi Terry Yes was very impressed with the fresh produce. Will order again next week.Thank you

Katherine (Margate)

Feb 2014

I have been buying meat milk and fruit and veg boxes since January on a weekly basis and I love the service price and quality of products highly recommend.

Jo Disanayake (Keperra)

Feb 2014

Thank you!! My first box was amazing, it was like I'd done the shopping myself. You'd chosen the food and quantities perfectly for our family. My kids LOVED the big mango (it's still going!) See you next week.

Sally Austin (North Lakes)

Feb 2014

Thanks very much for my first order today and great customer service. Everything looks superb and can't wait to try the chicken tonight!!

Karen Curwen 

Feb 2014

Excellent quality produce and value for money! They personalised my box for me and it was as if I'd done the shopping myself - spot on with quantity and choice of fruit and veg. Terry provides great customer service and has shown that he is willing to cater for his member's needs. Thank you!

Sally Austin (North Lakes)

Feb 2014

Great to come by today and pick up my fruit and veg box. I will be recommending you to my followers and also to my Organic Dry Produce Coop members. It is great to have you on my doorstep. Cant wait to make a salad for dinner with the stuff in my box.

Judy Williams (Clayfield)

Dec 2013

Oh dear God in heaven. We have just eaten the most deeeelish chicken thigh fillets we bought from you . Pan fried in Panko crumbs. Thank you Thank Thank you . Though we did end up having to cut the last little bit in half neither was prepared to give the other the whole thing.Beautifu product Terry.

Tricia Cronan (Everton Park)

Dec 2013

Hi Terry, those eggs are delicious. Thanks.

Patty (Everton Park)