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Symons Organic CHEDDAR 200G

Symons Organic Australian Made Cheddar Cheese is produced according to traditional cheddar making techniques. It has a moist and creamy texture and a delicate yet full flavour. According to the cheese-makers, the organic milk produces a particularly sweet and clean tasting cheese. Our cheddar is matured for at least 6 months before being released and is made using vegetarian rennet. It makes a cracking cheese toastie, especially when combined with a good organic sourdough. PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA

Symons Organic Dairy - ORGANIC CHEDDAR CHEESE 500g

Symons Dairy Organic Cheddar Cheese 500g We know that lots of families enjoy our organic cheddar but small blocks are just not enough for a growing family. Our 500g "value" block is the largest organic cheddar on the market - let us know what you think! Cut from a 20 kg block of NZ Organic cheddar to keep the price down! PRODUCT OF NEW ZEALAND

Symons Organic Dairy - PARMESAN CHEESE 140g

Symons Organic Dairy Parmesan Cheese 140g. Matured to our satisfaction and released Dec 17! Our parmesan has been matured more than 12 months to allow its flavour to fully develop. It has a traditional ‘grana’ texture and a clean, sweet, lingering flavour. Inspired by the great Italian grana cheeses, our objective is to create an Australian parmesan that is up there with the best. Cheese maker Steve Interlandia learnt how to make traditional parmesan from his father John who was plying his craft as far back as 1958. PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA

Symons Organic Dairy - VINTAGE CHEDDAR CHEESE 150g

Symons Organic Dairy Vintage Cheddar Cheese 150g. Matured to our satisfaction and released Dec 17! We mature our regular cheddar for at least 6 months. Around this time, we hand select the best wheels of our cheddar and put them aside to age for a further six months. It has matured brilliantly and the first batches have been released in December 2017. Unlike a lot of mainstream vintage cheddars which are all tang and bite and not much else, this cheese is a subtle, but full flavoured cheddar with a lovely clean flavour. Holds its own on any after-dinner cheese platter. PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA