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Some say 'CACAO' - some say 'COCOA'

Hey what is the difference between CACAO and COCOA? Well in true raw form? Nothing!

 raw cacao powderCacao beans drying on roofby Terry Boyle

In language use: Hispanic speakers use CACAO because it derived from their native linguistic roots and that is the right spelling and use... English call it COCOA. (Referring raw form). Manufacturers of raw food products have usurped the more authentic spelling of the word in an attempt to distinguish their products from products which use roasted cacao beans (i.e. raw cacao powder vs. cocoa powder). But the lines are getting blurry as trends in dieting co-mingle with trends in marketing and trends in linguistics. 

In marketing and making money: you get a lot more for CACAO than COCOA but you have to take the word of marketers and companies engaging them!

Confused? ...This article is well written and she has done some good research which untangles the hype and brings in some balance... 


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