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Monsanto, the makers of PCB's, ROUND UP, DIOXIN & AGENT ORANGE, and who have shown they hate farmers who don't use their products, have just won a landmark case against an organic farmer which sets a precedent leaving no legal protections in place for organic farmers whose crops are contaminated with GM seeds. This puts many farmers at risk whose properties border other farms growing GM crops.
We have sourced both DIRECT FROM GROWER; Black Angus and Wagu 100% true free range, pasture-fed, organically farmed BEEF for our members...
We took our first delivery of Dawson Valley free-range pork this week and lots of it was snapped up.
Folks there is nothing that can deliver authentic fresh quality organic and all-natural than going direct to farm.
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Dried Stuff

Certified Organic Australian Roasted Peanuts

Certified Organic
From $8.50 inc GST

Dried Bananas Organic

100% Australian Naturally Dried Bananas * no preservatives or added ingredients
$0.00 inc GST

Dried Olives - Black - Evolve 80g

*100% Certified Organic Dried Black Olives - 80g jar
$9.90 inc GST

Dried Olives - Green - Evolve 80g

*100% Certified Organic Dried Green Olives - 80g jar
$9.90 inc GST

Dried Onion - Evolve 80g

*100% Certified Organic Dried Onion - 80g jar
$9.90 inc GST

Ethical Spray Free Almonds

Ethical Spray and Pesticide Free Almonds
From $6.50 inc GST

Mediterranean Blend - Dried Veggies - Evolve 80g

*100% Certified Organic Dried Mediterranean Blend - 80g jar
$9.90 inc GST

Medjool Dates - Organic

Certified Organic Medjoul Dates
From $13.50 inc GST

Organic Spices - Planet Organic

* Certified Organic * BPA Free * No Fillers * No additives * Economy Pack
From $4.95 inc GST

Sun-dried Sultanas and Currants

Certified Organic - Australian, hand-picked sun-dried Sultanas and Currants
From $3.90 inc GST

Zucchini Pickles - Evolve 250g

*100% Certified Organic Zucchini Pickles - 300g jar *Gluten-Free, No artificial colours or flavours, Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly
$9.90 inc GST

Certified Organic Spices - Pure Food Essential

Full-Flavoured, High Quality, Dried Spices
From $5.95 inc GST