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BEE ALERT! What are the big companies doing to bees?

Bee pic

Some of the great things from our wonderful creation are babies and, 'bees'!  

Did you know worldwide, in many countries including OZ, BEES are fighting for survival? Suddenly, there are a couple of bugs/viruses that get at bees that is killing them off, literally, everywhere. There is a lot of evidence that the big manipulators like Monsanto and Bayer have contributed significantly to the bee problem with their chemicals which are used in so many agricultural situations and impact so much along the food chain, including the work and the life of bees.
Monsanto and pesticide makers have engineered their poisons so that they are in the vascular system of the plant via GMO engineering, and bees doing what they do, are effectively taking in these poisons directly or indirectly, and the issues they are facing are in fact secondary effects of immune breakdown as a result....it all makes sense.
Dr Mercola covers this in much more detail here
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