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MEDJOOL DATES - Organic 5kg BOX Certified Organic Medjoul Dates
Manufacturer: Jordan River
Availability: In stock

Depending on availability date suppliers include: Hadiklaim name brands - King SolomonĀ® and Jordan RiverĀ® are among the most sought-after dates in the world. They are certified bio-organic with the USDA organisation, the Global GAP (Global Partnership for Good Agricultural Practice), IFOAM andIsraeli Bio-Organic Agriculture Association.Every single Medjool date is hand-picked at optimum ripeness. Because they are hand-picked the most delicate juicy Medjool dates can be selected. Other suppliers include: Bard Valley USA, Natura Israel, and product from Iran. These all produce high quality Medjoul dates and we supply whichever is available at time of order.

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