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By Terry Boyle

I have written in a few blogs and here about the eggs labelling claim 'free range' farce (and the useless RSPCA labelling as well) of the supermarkets and of other outlets that sell falsely claimed free range eggs and for which they sell at double the price of normal eggs which are essentially no different. I have written to egg companies claiming to be free range and some organic ones too and the responses I receive may be surprising to some - that's why I am so glad we truly know the source of our eggs and exactly what they are about. all their inputs and farming methods. 

This is why I call in to question the notion of 'free range' at the supermarkets as being a farce, and further I question how much of the labelled organic eggs are authentically organic in method, really? For egg laying hens that are mass farmed, getting their amino acids and proteins from anything but mass synthetic additives such as synthetic methionine (synthetic MET) is not part of the method. In other words; mass methods leave no alternative but to use it! 

Synthetic MET cannot be fully absorbed by chooks and whatever good it does the research shows it infects and enlarges the chickens liver, causes a higher death rate, lowers muscle mass and increases fat, and causes other disease. Hey, but it is the only feasible way to mass farm if you are a mass farming egg farmer.

In addition, you have to ask yourself the question ' how can it be possible to supply hundreds of thousands of eggs each day from one or two hegemonic suppliers (who are selling them under different brands so it looks like lots of different suppliers) every day, free range, really"? What does 80,000 chickens on one farm really mean in terms of being authentically free-range, or organic, or healthy? These two legged chick-a-dees need fresh shoots and insects. Walking around on trampled dirt and anundersupply of bugs doesn't cut it! There are organic farms with 300,000 chickens too. Can you really organically farm this many chickens? To me it raises more questions about authenticity and makes me wonder about the marketing tactics and how honest they are.

I have done extensive research on this topic and started to share some of these type of topics here in this blog. Please fee free to comment of add topics.

Slick labeling by marketers is well constructed often with the aim to assist us not to read between the lines - marketing for the big players is about getting your money no matter what the method or product. And, in the face of people's desire to eat more healthy where do you think marketers are focusing? They use fantastically contrived terms, slogans, tag lines, strap lines, half truths, inferred associations, and, well even withholding of facts and glossing over them or covering them up. It's their job to sell, and morality or ethics is only a theory to these. The truth is, to mass farm organically. authentically is almost impossible for many products, so you are not going to find authentic free range or organic for many things in the big supermarkets whose supply chains cannot cater for organic produce in any authentic way. You have to look more local for authentic organic folks.

And... good story in today's online news here about mass farming eggs calling themselves 'free -range' when they are not..


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