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Greenwoods bio-dynamic fruit juices JUICE - BOX of 6 - 1 lt

Greenwoods bio-dynamic fruit juices JUICE - BOX of 6 - 1 lt bottle * certified bio-dynamic * pressed * no additives, preservatives, colors, added sugar, vit C, antioxidants or pressing agents
Manufacturer: Greenwoods
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Greenwoods grows and produces Demeter certified bio-dynamic fruit in Victoria. Some of the fruit is processed into Biodynamic juices: pear, apple, and apple/pear. The juices have no additives and are pasteurised at the lowest possible temperature in order to retain the inherent nutritional quality of the fruit. The juice is crushed, pressed and filtered through a vibrating screen. The sediment settles. The juice is pasteurised at lowest possible temperature. Inherent nutritional qualities not compromised No pressing agents No antioxidants No preservatives No colour No flavour or Vit C additives No sugar added * refrigerate when open and use within 14 days of opening when opended, juice will discolour due to natural oxidisation

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