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Glenrose EGGS Organic Large (600g min)

Glenrose EGGS Organic Large (600g min) certified organic * true free range * large size * no steroids, hormones or growth promotants * no synthetic methionine * no coloring * raised in full sun on a small family farm
Manufacturer: Glenrose
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Glenrose chickens are true free range, nomadic, pastured chickens and, raised on a certified bio-dynamic organic farm northern NSW. true free ranging on large pastures eating pasture, insects, and organic feeds made on the farm raised in open space with plenty of sunshine authentically farm fresh regularly delivered no hormones no anitbiotics no steroids no synthetic methionine no stress no growth promotants no chemical residues TIP: did you know that chickens raised in sunshine are the healthiest and produce the safest and most nutritious eggs?

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