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The myth of how the big supermarkets support local community

Woolies and Coles control around 68% of the Australian food chain. This means the profits end up not in local communities, small farming towns, or in local producers or manufacturers pockets. The hegemony these monopolies have on markets affect local communities in ways that attack the very fabic of them. Here are the benefits of Coles and Woolies in our communities:

  • the CEOs of Woolies and Coles for example are on salary bases exceeding $4.5m each
  • people go to the convenience of one place so small business suffers
  • small local businesses find they have to also buy from other larger suppliers, not small local suppliers in order to compete - this hurts other small businesses
  • many small local shops close within one year of a Coles or Woolies opening in their area
  • most remaining small buisiness lose half or more of their turnover not because of being more expensive, but because supermarkets offer the one-stop
  • false advertising and promolgation of non-Australian products becomes the norm whilst consumers are duped into thinking they are buying cheaper, when much of what they are buying is inferior and not what the label says or doesn't say it is
  • small businesses are forced to put off up to 90% of their local staff whilst Coles and Woolies promise local jobs
  • supermarkets create a false and umbalanced economy profit structure which damages and thins out supply choices, thus controls choices and pricing
  • in order to mass produce for a controlled market, foods and packaging required lots of chemicals and harmful inputs affecting ecology, people and communities
  • supermarkets service is so good that consumers get to pack their own bags for free and communicate with a POS unit with 'please scan your flybuys card'; banter

What are local communities really losing?

According to Tom Ballard these:

  1. lose- economic stablility
  2. lose - community integrity
  3. lose - singular identity of rural and regional towns

But the cities don't need to feel left out either becuase this all happens the same only on a much larger scale!

So by rejecting these monopolies and supporting lcoal cottage growers, you are supporting your community, and creating a sustainable and happier connected society, not the other way around as Coles and Woolies would have you think!



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