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Celtic Sea Salt Fine - (kg)

Finely ground Celtic Sea Salt is made in a similar way to the Celtic Sea Salt Crystals, but is dried at a lower temperature before being finely ground. It is ideal for use as a table salt or for cooking.
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Natural Celtic sea salt is vastly different from the many refined salts on the market, including those from the sea. Refined salts lack the many trace minerals that gives Celtic salt its health-promoting benefits. In addition, refined salts contain harmful chemicals and other processing additives. Celtic sea salt supplies all 82 trace minerals needed by the human body for optimal health and longevity. Since it is unrefined, it does not contain any chemicals, preservatives, or any other additive. This amazing sea salt is naturally harvested in Brittany, France, near the Celtic sea. The geographical orientation of the Atlantic and the climactic conditions of the region play an important part in the unique mix of sea minerals and the quality of salt that is extracted. The 2,000-year old Celtic method for harvesting this salt is crucial to preserving its natural state and the process is supported by modern quality control standards. Natural Celtic salt is light grey in color, which comes from the sea minerals and clay found in the salt flats. The clay ionizes the minerals in the salt, making it even more beneficial. The taste of this salt is incomparable! Light grey Celtic salt is famous in the culinary world and is considered by many to be the best quality salt available. This salt is moist to the touch and will retain its moisture even when stored in a cool place for a long period of time.

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