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Monsanto, the makers of PCB's, ROUND UP, DIOXIN & AGENT ORANGE, and who have shown they hate farmers who don't use their products, have just won a landmark case against an organic farmer which sets a precedent leaving no legal protections in place for organic farmers whose crops are contaminated with GM seeds. This puts many farmers at risk whose properties border other farms growing GM crops.
We have sourced both DIRECT FROM GROWER; Black Angus and Wagu 100% true free range, pasture-fed, organically farmed BEEF for our members...
We took our first delivery of Dawson Valley free-range pork this week and lots of it was snapped up.
Folks there is nothing that can deliver authentic fresh quality organic and all-natural than going direct to farm.

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Dawson Valley Free Range is a small cottage producer which was established to provide healthy food through the ethical farming of animals.


Our product:

  • Heritage breed pigs (predominantly black) which are resistant to disease naturally
  • True humane-choice,  free-range and pastured, non-intensively raised prigs
  • healthy and well cared-for pigs
  • very flavourful, quality and fresh
  • no growth promotants, antibiotics, steroids, hormones, pesticides or chemicals goes into our product
  • our pigs are organically raised
  • our pork contains no nitrate or artificial preservatives and is cryovac packed fresh
  • our paleo sausages contain no grains
  • no artificial preservatives
  • our bacon and ham is preserved only with salt and sugar


Dawson Valley pigs are true free range and pastured. The pigs are locked up at night and left to roam during the day in large paddocks. This free ranging produces VERY tasty pork. The pigs are rotated around the paddocks so that we can ensure that they have plenty of pasture to graze on.


The Heritage Breed pigs are robust and suitable for Queensland climate as they don’t suffer from the sun and heat as much as the white breeds. They are predominantly black pigs and do have black hairs, which are sometimes difficult to remove during the scalding process, so you may encounter some hairs on your pork.


The heritage breed pigs became out of favour when large intensive pig farming began. This was due to several reasons, but the main problem was the fact that they are slow to grow and tend towards fat. The biggest advantage of free range animals is that they have a higher Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, than their confined cousins.


Free range grass fed pork is not only tastier, but a lot healthier. Our pigs are fed a grain ration, but we don’t use any chemicals in their management. This includes internal and external chemicals. If we need to treat a sick animal with any medication, this animal would be removed from our sale stock. Fortunately this is a very rare occurrence, as free range animals tend to be a lot healthier than their commercial counterpart. We mix the feed ourselves so that we can control the inputs. We aren’t ‘certified’ organic, but we organically raise our pigs! The grain is conventionally grown and sourced locally.


Our Pork will be fattier than you may be used to, because of the breed of the pigs. However, the pork you will get from us will have more flavour, moisture and nutrients than intensively raised pork. The intensive industry wants a consistent, homogenous product. The different breeds we have will produce pork that is a consistently tasty and healthy product.


Please read Meat & Poultry Package Weights if this is your first time placing a meat or poultry order with us.
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Pork Meat Diced - True free range

500 g cryovac packs (approx. size) * $22 per kg * True Free-Range Pastured * no preservatives * Humane Choice * GF * free from artificial ingredients * 100% raised organically * Humane Choice * free from hormoes, steroids, pesticides, antibiotics
$11.00 inc GST

Pork OSSO BUCCO - True free range

True free range pastured * humane choice * organically farmed * free from mass farming methods, no steroids, no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides, no preservatives or artificial ingredients
$9.72 inc GST

Bacon - Nitrate Free - True Free Range Pastured

700 g cryovac pack * True free-range, pastured, ethically farmed pigs * ammonium nitrate-free bacon * free from artificial preservatives
$20.30 inc GST

Ham (leg, boneless) - No artificial nitrate - True free-range pastured

200-400g size cryovac packs * True free-range, pastured, holistically farmed pigs * no added artificial nitrates * free from artificial preservatives * pickled (naturally perserved) in Pacific Sea salt and Pink naturally mined rock salt
$14.50 inc GST

PORK FILLET - 100% organically farmed

500 g pack (approx) * $28 per kg * True Free-Range Pastured * no preservatives * GF * free from artificial ingredients * 100% raised organically
$14.00 inc GST

PORK ROAST - (boneless Leg or Shoulder) 100% organically farmed

1.5 kg - 2.5 kg * $23 per kg * both leg and shoulder (boneless) * cryovac pack * True free-range, pastured, holistic farmed pigs * free from artificial preservatives
$0.00 inc GST

USA RIBS PORK - 100% organically farmed

500 g (approximate) cryovac pack * True free-range, pastured, organically farmed pigs * free from artificial preservatives *humane choice
$10.00 inc GST

XMAS HAMS - wood smoked & salted

PLEASE NOTE, THERE ARE ONLY 3 X 5KG HAM LEFT. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE ANY OTHER SIZE. THANKS Pickled in Pacific Ocean sea salt, and naturally mined German pink rock salt brine, then wood smoked for 12 days in local iron bark, saw dust and birch * whole leg * half leg or portion of leg * true free range pastured * no added nitrates & chem-free * no artificial preservatives * no hormones, antibiotics or growth promotants
From $0.00 inc GST