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Boss Meats - BEEF SAUSAGES PALEO GF Organic (no grains or fillers) 5kg (bulk buy)

Premium certified organic BEEF SAUSAGES PALEO GF Organic (no grains or fillers) 5kg (bulk buy) / $17.00 per kg
Manufacturer: Boss Meats

Our meat is from cottage growers who provide humanely and holistically raised animals and are processed at Boss Meats farm which operates a small 100% solar-run facility. The meat (except for processed meats such as salamis, hams etc) is aged for 7-10 days then cut up and cryovac packed.

These are their standards:

* Certified Organic and True Free Range, Grass Fed, Pastured
* No mass farming methods, Non intensively raised
* No GMO
* No grains or pump up products
* No antibiotics, hormones, steroids or growth promotants
* No fertilizers, pesticides or chemical residues on pastures
* Mince and sausages are gluten free and the paleo sausages contain no fillers
* Non-paleo sausages contain organic GF rice or coconut flour and herbs
* Mince and sausages are suitable for Paleo & GAPS diet
* No preservatives or artificial ingredients

Products are cryovac vacum packed ready for your fridge or freezer. The weights are approximate only and will be adjusted if required at the time of packing.

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