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by Terry BoyleSandy Creek Organic Farm

If you control agriculture, you control the population. This is what you call controlling the supply chains. did you know the big players like Mondsanto, Bayer and closer to home, the big supermarket chains, are not the only ones wanting to control agriculture and organics. Bill Gates has a plan to control agriculture too with a corporate group!  I guess he has nothing else to do now and it is better than playing the pokies.

When you control the supply chains it goes hand-in-hand to control the distribution channels which includes the transport/logistic systems and the wholesale and retail outlets to distribute product – when you are the main source of revenue for a transport company, or distribution option for a farm, you are in control,  and you can buy up or squeeze out all the peripheral operators who are taking any of your pie, or not conforming to your influence. Those who wish to control markets  engage savvy marketers to create the messages to promote their products and story and to influence our buying behavior or patterns. Our 'buying motivators' (social, emotional, financial etc), are the root of ‘market drivers’ – or, ‘the market’. And, this is how, in summary, we can be got at, so to speak. 

The big marketers who really get to consumers in any meaninful way, make their money unscrupulously at the bidding of the big players so they can achieve their goals – ethics, morals, or our well-being does not come into it whatsoever because it is about control, which is about money, which is about greed, which is about power. Ringing true? Basically, this is all a way to describe ‘hegemony’ or power over something or some group by proxy. It is all done with a feel-good image so the gullible remain gullible and the controllable remain controllable.

Money-oriented marketers are just unscrupulous conceited 'tools' (in all its meanings) who fit well with these hegemonious systems of course and are another part of the food supply problem we are facing these days. It is quite reasonable to be totally averse to these controllers, their products and their modus operandi as we become more aware whilst we are questioning and seeking real alternatives, and authenticity in how we consume. It is prudent to stay informed about the tactics of big business-backed marketing, because after all they know how to push our buttons; what else is their job? Too bad their marketing messages in many ways are hurting our families: giving us less choice, deceiving us, wasting our precious time (which they helped steal from us in the first place), poisoning our food and us, manipulating our budgets via restricting our options whilst telling us we have more and things are getting better, or worse depending on what best suits their message. It's like political language, all about market-speak and talking things up fact or fiction. They are also tactically thwarting entrepreneurs/competitors and, they are hurting farmers. It is about control!

So stop whining about it folks! Do something about it! Don't focus on what these are doing, but take back control in a meaninful way, and give your family real choices and the best by weaning yourself off their food and grocery system and spending your groceriy dollars more and more with where you get real return on your investment!mass farming

Did you know that Your Organic Markets mission is about taking back control of the supply chain? We have been working on this for 2 years now. We are a social enterprise on a holistic food mission! We have a number of farms that are actually growing for us now, and we are growing together with them, supporting them.We have a valid understanding of their realities and how they are intrinsically linked to our own distribution channels. Being out there every day connecting with and sourcing produce directly from organic growers, then distributing at both wholesale and retail, we get a very good sense of the supply and demand or markets, how the supply chains and distribution channels actually work. We are proud to identify as part of a movement that is totally averse to the way supply chains are manipulated by the big players. But our group has a brilliant platform to offer great alternatives and that's exciting!

Solving the supply and distribution challenges for cottage independent operators amidst the bigger boy's systems including the centralized markets set up i.e. getting the product from the cottage farm back to consumer is a constant challenge when the whole system is rigged for big players.

But we have learned some great things and we are happy, keen even to keep sharing them with our members!

Walkers Farm Mass ProductionWe have come to a position on big farming. We can’t see how you can mass farm organically, authentically. We believe authentic organic farming, authentic permaculture, bio-dynamic and holistic methods are not for mass farming at all. We have noticed the most authentic and holistic products come from cottage farmers who do it, not on a mass scale. We noticed that when you ramp up too much, and cross over the line to large scale, or just cross over from big farming conventional to big organic farming, integrity is not convincing at best and at worst, misleading consumers into something that is not what it appears to be. No, cottage industry does not fit with the big players vision, you may have deduced already as we have.

It is however, possible to remain authentic and deliver superior quality without compromise! This is why we source from, drive over dill and dale to, work with, support and encourage cottage industry, organic and holistic farming. It’s authentic and has integrity. It means too, this - we know our source, we have a real relationship (an exciting and rewarding one too) with them - we own our supply chain!  This is in a way the big players can't possibly do! We believe this is in fact where the focus of authentic organics and holistically produced products must indeed come from - cottage industry.

The information is out there, credible too, and others especially cottage farmers and consumers who are participating in ventures similar that is part of the alternative supply chain where we are coming from!  So it is in your interest folks to support Your Organic Markets food mission.  It's a soclial enterprise with some meaning. We are committed to being profitable, but not to profiteering; to viably and sustainably delivering the antithesis of what is being offered up to all of us en mass these days. 

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22/02/2018 9:44 PM
Love your blog. Connect with the Soil Association in the UK if you want tips on how to fight the evil co that is Monsanto https://www.soilassociation.org