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Bendele - CHICKEN MARYLAND Organic 400g (approx size)

Bendele - CHICKEN MARYLAND Organic 400g (approx weight) $21.90 per kg (fresh or frozen) * certified organic free ranging chickens * small producer * free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics or artificial preservatives * Gluten Free * no growth promotants * no beak clipping * stress free birds * no GMO * processed by hand on farm ***PLEASE NOTE: Weight is only approximate FINAL COST will be adjusted at the time of packing. ****
Manufacturer: Bendele
Availability: In stock

All Bendele Chicken is delivered fresh to our store on Thursdays ready for delivery to you on Friday, as it is hand killed to order. We do keep some stock frozen, which sells very quickly. Please note if you order this product, your order will be held and not delivered until Friday.


Bendele are a certified organic cottage size family farm. They grow chickens and turkeys on their farm at Kilkiven in Qld. Bendele products are unpolluted; no artificial inputs or GMO genuinely free-ranging and with no mass farming methods. You cannot get cleaner, fresher or better tasting chicken meat unless you are living on a farm yourself.

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