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Cleopatra Bath Milk Farm

Beau Vista Park organic farm is the home of the famous Cleopatra Bath Milk and Body Butter. The all Jesrsey cow herd produce the most nutritious and high fat/cream quality milk. 

The farm is situated in the beautiful, rich and fertile community of Goomboorian in S.E. Queensland, near Tin Can Bay.

The land on our farm is certified A grade organic. No chemicals or pesticides are used, however we do use different organic fertilisers to grow the richest, healthiest sweetest crops we can. We operate our pure jersey dairy, and we also grow top quality certified organic vegetables. Our cows have fresh pasture every day, and only ever have access to hay, and are not fed silage. We only milk jersey cows - they provide the richest milk with the highest fat & protein percentages, more calcium & more goodness than any other breed.

We plant our pastures every year, a mixture rye grass, clover, herbs, lucerne. this mix is a great variety of plants to ensure well fed healthy cows. Other paddocks are planted with oats, barley or millet, whichever may suit the season. Perennial grasses such as kikuyu and rhodes grass are also found in our paddocks. We also grow a range of certified organic crops including, watermelon, rockmelon, ginger, turmeric, peas, beans, zucchini and sweet potato.

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Cleopatra's BATH MILK Organic - BULK BOX (7x 2lt bottles)

BULK BOX - Contains 7 x 2L bottles packed in insulated box filled with ice, ready for shipping to regions outside of Brisbane and to states such as NSW. *** PLEASE NOTE: EACH BOX WILL INCUR A SHIPPING FEE OF ITS OWN, SEPARATE FROM OTHER PRODUCTS IN YOUR CART. ONE BOX HOLDS 7 X 2lt bottles*** This is a package deal type of offer - no other items will fit in the box (if you order additional items, extra delivery costs will be incurred for these). ** YOU MUST ORDER BY OUR SUNDAY 10PM DEADLINE IN ORDER TO GET MILK THE FOLLOWING WEEK *** NOTE: It is legislated that raw milk is not for human consumption. Raw milk is not pasteurized. CLEOPATRA'S LABEL STATES THAT IT IS FOR COSMETIC USE ONLY. **