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Bayer sues EU Commission for banning bee-killing pesticides

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by Terry Boyle

Did you know that Bayer are suing the EU Commission for the ban on the pesticides they are producing (which from public outcry had to outlaw) that has been proven to cause devastation to bee populations wherever their products are used? 

Did you know that one kernel of corn can contain enough 'clothianidin' to kill 80,000 honeybees? ((While corn does not rely on honeybees for pollination (it uses wind), corn pollen is a significant food source for honeybees.))

What is 'colthianidin' you say?   

Well it is made by Bayer. Got your antenas up? Masses of bees have been dying around agricultural crops and this is now a big issue with lots of forces at play. This product 'colthianidin' is one contributor (amongst some others by Bayer and Monsanto et al) - a main ingredient used to control fruit fly in peaches and nectarines (in Australia) but which ruins bees too. 

I investigated their brochure today (a product called Samurai, by Bayer is being used in Australia) after an honest farmer declared to me that he had no choice but to use it as the fruit fly was hurting his crop prospects. This was after the whole process to this point of harvest, had been totally chemical free and holistic. I don't judge this farmer; that our company can't take on their products because of our philosophy, but I am just highlighting facts about our food chains and the web of hegemony in the food industry. 

Apparently, the problem is just the first few picks of the nectarine and peach crops early in the season, and you can control nearly all other onslaughts at other times with natural methods including yeast traps. But, there is residual from the colthianidin product that stays around for some time and it has to be sprayed over the whole plant to be effective, including the flowers. Other farmers we know who are certified bio-dynamic and just holistically farming, aren't compromising and view things differently. They are prepared to lose output too, but also seem to find ways without compromise, to manage to deliver wonderful produce consistently enough to make it all worthwhile.

It highlights that either you are committed to chemical-free and organic and find ways, or you are not. You have probably heard it said, there is a fine line between 'faith' and 'presumption'. Well, similarly, there is obviously a huge difference between a 'preference' and a 'conviction' when it comes to farming. Conviction is better isn't it? A farmer told me actually that 'passion' and 'conviction' are intrinsically linked. He is right!

Your Organic Markets shares a deep passion that drives our mission with conviction, to ensure our supply chain has non-compromised sources for our members to rely on. And besides don't you just love bees like we do?

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10/05/2018 1:15 PM